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The Team at SCM believes in and creates a safe environment for car enthusiasts, both young and old to share the passion and their vehicles with others. We support the local community by advising business’s and the SA Police (SAPOL) of our gatherings and have their acknowledgement and support for them to take place.

Our events are open to the public, this means we need everyone who attends to be respectful of the area allocated to use and must leave it in the same condition that we found it. It is important and expected that attendee’s conduct themselves in a safe manner and abide by the rule of the road in accordance with the South Australian Legislation and the local rules of the car parks where the event is being held. The rules include abiding by the dry zone area (no consumption of alcohol), No illegal substances, no loud music and no reckless or dangerous driving to or from the event. These actions will not be tolerated by the team at SCM and any persons conducting themselves inapproriately will be banned from future events.

The SCM team informs SAPOL with all information regarding events. Contact with SAPOL will also take place in the event of any reckless and/or dangerous driving/behaviour. This includes number plates and/or any other information about the vehicles/persons in question. The team at SCM want everyone to enjoy themslves, whilst still obeying our simple rules and doing the right thing.

We do not hold any responsibility to any damages to vehicles, personal posessions or persons who attend any of our events, please act safely and responsbily to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. 

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